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04-27-2009, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Dikkens View Post
I live 10 minutes from the rinks. Ive been in several leagues there, most recently the WWL league. I was on Tigbits and MotherPuckers if you were in the copper or bronze division. Its good and its fun but being a team captain is a big pain in the ass dealing with all the financial things and ref fees and getting everyone to pay up. Some of the refs there are complete garbage, too, and thats probably my only gripe. If your game is late, they wanna speed everything up so they can go home. If they have any friends on the other team, you tend to get dicked over, and some guys are just complete *******s. Sometimes I cant believe they are getting paid to do such a horrible job. If anyone wants to start up a team or needs a pretty solid defenseman I'm more than willing to play, I love it there. I know alot of other people who could play too.

I'm just not allowed to make my own team anymore because half of the kids on my team never paid up and the $600 owed got completely pinned on me, and Im not shelling out that kind of money because the low lifes on my team wouldnt pay up.
You say that like you're the only one.

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