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04-27-2009, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
It's definitely true. I got a penalty last night for roughing cause I hit a guy in a no checking league, but it was blatantly obvious and I was trying to get my team's energy going (until the other team scored on the PP I just gave them). But you get my point. That was easily my first penalty in roughly 15 games.
Im not getting this? You got a penalty because you hit a guy but you think it should have been let go because you just wanted to get your team hyped? lol

I get alot of bad penalties. I think the last game I played there I was thrown out for three accidental tripping penalties where the guys all stepped on my stick. Its just so frustrating when you race for the puck and collide with someone..if he falls its a penalty, but when Im skating across the neutral zone with my hand in the air, looking up to grab the flying puck, and a dude goes out of his way to put his shoulder into my gut, flipping me over completely its all in good fun and the refs let it go. One time we were changing on the fly and the puck came and hit a player on the opposing team in the foot and the ref calls too many men on us because he said I played the puck. Its just garbage calls like this that make me mad, and some of the refs will be complete *******s about it, too. They have really ****** attitudes. My friend got a 4 minute unsportsmanlike penalty for saying to a ref, "I know you have friends on the other team, but you gotta call it at least somewhat fair."

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