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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
nor their flexes. except i think 100. good stuff tbl
Warrior has some issues with consistency. Some of their flex ratings are dead-on, some are lower than marked, some higher. I prefer pro stock because they mark the real flex on a label inside the shaft... which is typically within 2-3 of what the stick is actually marked at. Plus the 260 flex is perfect for me, I'm a 90-95 flex guy... obviously that's not available at retail.

With Warrior's lies, they are all marked as lower than they really are. Some by .5, some by a full lie, some by more. I think they measure the lie at the heel instead of the middle so it doesn't take in account for blade rocker or how the blade will really play.

Some of the BauerID patterns apparently have mis-marked lie too. I haven't seen the blades myself but I hear that the P12 is actually a true iginla clone. This means it's really a lie of 5.5 over the marked 7 lie.

there is alot of good, but conflicting information in this thread. i think i know which is correct.

the only thing i will really emphasize, because everything has basiaclly been said, is equipment is a preference
You are exactly right, I have a friend that is 5'10, uses a 60" stick with a bonk curve... that's a lie of roughly 6.5-7. It's got a rather big rocker and it allows him to use more of his arm extension to his advantage... I'd find it uncomfortable but it works for him.

About the conflicting information, I don't want to come off like I think I'm an authority but I hear a lot of opinions like this guy says. I know I'm right because; If you've been around message boards with hockey players you'll see many of these threads and it all comes to the same conclusion. As a coach of adult beginners, you watch and see how adults react to learning a new game. I've personally seen guys that are 300lbs and can't get a good shot with a 100 flex stick because they can't flex it. Sometimes we forget that not everyone is on the same level/same body type/same muscle to fat ratio/etc... as we're personally used to.

I have my reasonings for using a certain stick length and taping a certain way, etc... but I don't want to push anyone towards those because that's not going to help them.

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