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04-27-2009, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
Hopefully the Penguins management is working out a 2-year plan right now. However, some of your figures are off.

The Cap is expected to drop to 50 million in 2010. Sykora, as bad as he's been, won't take a paycut. Cammalleri is unrealistic at 4.5 And Scuderi at .9 is a complete pipe dream, ney, an insult to our intelligence.
If the cap drops to $50 million three quarters of the teams in the league will be scrambling absent some kind of adjustment to allow teams to temporarily exceed the cap to some degree for their own players. And a LOT of teams (including those like Detroit who made so many bargain signings) will be in far worse shape. The Rags, Flyers and a lot of other teams in our division will be almost totally gutted with some of their albatross contracts. And there is not going to be much of a significant market for the players cut loose either, certainly not for any kind of big bucks. A few players for teams who have a lot of cap room, but those teams are going to be fairly limited in numbers. I would not worry too much about it as it is not a Pens 'problem' exclusively but will be pretty much a league wide problem. Which argues strongly that it will be resolved in such a way that we should be fine.

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