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04-27-2009, 06:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonjmc View Post
I've crunched the numbers and the cap will be 55mm next season (the 5% inflator will be eliminated effectively reducing the cap by ~5%). At this moment in time, 50mm for the following season is optimistic (this depends largely upon how the CAD does in the next year, if it's back up on par with our dollar then 50mm is a good guess, if it stays at current levels then 48mm is more realistic). And the league in no way, shape or form will cut contracts across the board or allow anyone over the cap.... there is a CBA that spells these things out.

The teams mentioned here like the Flyers, Rangers and Wings have the money to stash contracts in the AHL by using the only real cap "loophole". Contracts starting the offseason will reflect the drop. The stars will still get paid, but many good players will have to swallow their pride and sign a contract less than their previous one. You can look at the list of this years UFAs and safely guess the top 15 or 20 will get their money. Everyone is in the same boat with a falling cap. A smart GM can take advantage of this by being patient.

While the Pens cap situation doesn't look good, they really have no need to sign more stars.... just a couple solid wingers and a dman or two.

I could discuss this in detail for hours but nobody wants to hear it. Suffice it to say that most teams that are willing to spend to the max are already close, and those who aren't are trying to stay below the mid-point (8mm less than the max) to keep a full share of revenue sharing.
With the new arena and the richest owner in hockey we should be in the same position to take advantage of that loophole as any other team. That said, as I said above there will be so many teams in trouble if the cap drops to $50 million that I am pretty certain something will be worked out. What exactly, I have no clue. If not though a LOT of teams will be scrambling so it is the same thing, we will not be at any sort of competitive disadvantage.

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