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04-27-2009, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by TheSkatingDutchman View Post
Well that all depends. I found myself hunched over and uncomfortable when playing with a short stick and that my slapshot had lost a lot of power. I'm guessing that you too are shorter than me? (I'm 6'2" by the way.) I think the chin rule is a good rule of thumb until the player has gotten the basics down and can experiment with different types of lengths and curves and lies etc. as I suspect you have.
No doubt that if you use a longer stick that it will have more flex naturally, just from it being longer. The more you take off your stick (Cut it) it increases stiffness and therefore decreases your flex. I am 5' 7" 170lbs. and I usually cut my stick when I'm in shoes to the bottom of my nose, that way when I'm on skates it comes to about my chin. Because of my height and stick length I try to use a stick with a high amount of flex.

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