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04-27-2009, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by pittiful89 View Post
Honestly, at this point I think it should be a 1 year plan. If it actually drops to $50 million in 2010, then the league will have to do something because most teams will not be cap compliant. They will either have to temporarily decrease all salaries, make a 1 year exception to the cap, or maybe even this:

But still, thinking we can keep the $21.4 million trifecta and sign the likes of Cammalleri is laughable.
I agree with all of this, but to add - we cannot plan on being saved by the bell due to extraordinary changes next year. We don't know if its coming, and frankly it isn't possible to know just how bad it might get for revenues. All we do know is that the league has been tough in terms of coming down on those who haven't been cap compliant, and we cannot put ourselves in a position where we need to force through sales at discounts.

Ultimately, next seasons squad will most likely be about desperately hoping that we can get one of the rookies into the team, that Pesonen can make it, that a guy like Scuderi signs at a major discount and that an UFA forward will sign a one year with us cheaply due to title ambition and a depressed market. Yes - Jagr - that minimum wage thing sounds like a great thing for you to do .

The cap won't be going up, and we will have to take downgrades for next sason to the forward group we have now. If the cap goes down as much as feared for 10/11, we will lose a star (at least) unless the league changes rules. Those are facts.

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