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Originally Posted by Tommi Santala View Post
I'm fairly new to ice hockey, in fact I joined my first league in April. I am a pretty decent skater, but I find that I take way too long to make decisions with the puck, which allows defenders/backcheckers to close on me. I play wing, by the way.

Is this something that will go away as I play more games and get more confident with the puck? Or is there something I can do to speed up my decision making?

Also, my shot is very hit or miss. I can't get away a very good shot unless I have plenty of time.

Any help is appreciated!

I can't believe the Thrashers wasted a draft pick on this Santala guy

1) With time you will adjust to the pace of play.
2) I used to shoot in my garage all the time with a tennis ball just to work on a quick release.
3) In most US cities there is no practice time, I use roller blades to work on things in between games.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I try to remember where my teammates were when I got the puck. I know where everybody is before I have the puck so that when I do get it I can make quick decisions. Since you're starting out you will have to look down at the puck to do everything so making quick decisions will be difficult unless you're a natural at the game.
This is also really good advice. One league I play has a very wide range of skill levels. The beginners are always so focused to catching the puck that they have no idea what they are going to do with it after they get it. Take a quick peek before you get the puck. This can takes years to do consistently in games--but start trying to do it now.

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