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04-28-2009, 02:09 AM
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Okay I won't be able to help you much other than I bought a PM9 blade by bauer after being used to Iginla which the ones I used were RBK pro-stock (the made in Canada ones) IG-17 pattern which is the Iginla pattern.

I thought the PM9 may be similar but it isn't. The curve is a mid-heel curve and the blade points out at an angle sharper like you have the stick aimed more in front of you. I know i suck at explaining that but the degree angle from the shaft at the heel is more forward.

The Heatley, Recchi, patterns are just about the same as the Iginla with the Lindros (P88) running a very close second to being the same.

I've never tried a Naslund so I have no somment on that.

In my opinion if you could straighten the Lindros blade and the st. louis blade a little bit that would be like the Iginla and Recchi pattern but they are very close as is.

Basically though i did not like the PM9 after liking the Iginla which is what i think you were getting at with your post.

of course i am not you so you may love the PM9. The PM9 and the Lindros are the two most popular blade patterns in sales according to two stores I go to.

I bought 3 Heatley Easton Synergy blades and they are just about the same as the Iginlas I used.

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