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** FAQ / Board Policies / Rules / Draft Links / Ticket Sales / Jersey Sales / TV **


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Tips on getting pre/post game autographs

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Some recent questions about forum rules have prompted a face-lift to the NYR specific policies. "Problems" seem to ebb and flow, so does the way we handle them. Just so we're all clear on expectations here....

SPAM – a post with no content, that offers nothing to the discussion is considered spam.

  • "this"
  • "fixed"
  • "qft"
  • :smiley:
  • OT photo or video response
  • If you don't care for a thread, don't read it. And certainly don't post in it.

Posts will be deleted without explanation. Repeat offenders will receive a spamming infraction. I'm sorry, but it's just become a HUGE problem that wastes bandwidth, space on the page and peoples time.

New Threads
  • Read before you post. 99% of new threads are moved, closed and deleted because the discussion is already taking place in another thread
  • Is your topic “thread worthy”? Topics NEED to be a jumping off point for a discussion, as opposed to a random thought or rant.
  • Blatant baiting or inciting. We reserve the right to shut down any thread that serves only to get a rise out of fellow members. Too often, nothing constructive comes from these discussion and we’re left to moderate a pissing contest and clean up the mess.

Airing of Grievances – matters of board business are not to be discussed in the forum. If you have question, comment or issue with an Administrator or Moderator, please handle it via PM’s. That includes concerns about the board policy.

Wishing for death or injury to a player, coach or official
– To put it bluntly, it won’t be tolerated under any circumstance. Posts will be deleted and the appropriate infraction applied.

As always, HF rules also apply.

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