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Originally Posted by lhf1 View Post
Well what do you want the media to do? They said it themselves in the article: they talk about the Canadiens all year round because it sells newspapers and gets people in front of their TV. And why does it sell newspapers? Because of the fans' desire for news and gossip about the team. For the media to become comparable to other markets, we would have to have less fans. That doesn't sound like it's going to happen...

People here are always whining about the media, but in fact it's us, the fans, that are the problem! If you owned the Journal de Montréal, would you ever say "hey we're not talking about the Canadiens today, let's give them a break", if you knew you'd sell less newspapers that day?
You can write articles everyday. Either you write:

1. smart, respectful, bright, etc articles or
2. irrespectful, false accusations, bias, etc articles.

If you own Journal de Montreal, which type of articles would you pick to publish?

And we're not talking about the effect on the fans, who cares what we think or want. We're talking about the impressions that the media here leaves on the players around the NHL. What the players think of the media in Montreal and their willingness to come play here is more important to the Habs organization than what the fans think of the media..


The show/article discuss about the players around the league vs the montreal media, not the mtl fans vs the mtl media.

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