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04-28-2009, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bacchus1 View Post

I've always said, not here of course, that the NHL should include taxes in their concept of parity, and that either teams should be able to spend up to a salary cap after taxes are removed, or that the NHLPA should distribute taxes across all players.

It is a distinct disadvantage that the HABS have the highest taxes in the league.

AND, the media is crazy ... I found it funny how they all acted like insecure lovers after the end of the season asking all the fans if they intended to return, and if the media played in to their decision.
The taxes thing is overrated. There's many ways for them to save some cuts by investing their bling.
It still remains an issue, but a minor one.

As for the Media, they only have themselves to look at.
I fail to see how any true journalist would consider the way the media covered the habs stories this year as ''Professional''.

All of the ridiculous rumors that they printed out as if they were facts, all the dumb statements some of the ''analysts'' made on the TV, etc..All BS.
The media around the Habs this year really looked like a bunch of amateur fans.

Take the best 10-15 HfBoard posters here (I include myself) and I'm convinced we'd have done a much better job covering the Habs.
When I think about it, it wouldn't really have been difficult to be better.

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