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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Again, Phil Kessel... He's 6'0, 195. I know a guy that is 6'1 and uses about a 54" stick. Don't rule this out just because of his size/age.
in the captains defense the other poster said he cuts his senior stick cut down an inch so an intermediate probably wouldnt fit him height-weis unless he adds a buttend

i have a question

in a chart on hockey monkey it tells you if you cut down say an 87 flex 2 inches it becomes a 96. if you add 2 inches, is it fair to say it then becomes a 78 flex or does it not work taht way

i have a warrior ak27 100 flex that i probably added 6 inches to, i was wondering what the flex is

just checked it, its a 6 half inch butt end in a 100 flex

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