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04-28-2009, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
For me, the "average fan" is not the one who calls radio call-ins. Because if so, that's an awful small sample size. What is it, 1%, 2%, 10% of fans call in? Now we're getting somewhere. From "The media dictate what people think" to "the media might dictate what 10 % of the fans think". Let's keep on going like this, pretty soon, we'll be at 1%. My "few galoots".
That's your own presumption.

I rather take a sample close to home. In all the people I know personaly in my life who like the Habs and follow the Habs closely, more than half of them repeat the same non-sense that I hear in the media. So that's more than 50%. My own sister repeats what her boyfriend says, she can't even counter-argue when I show her how wrong a certain argument is, that's because everything she says is based on what her boyfriend says, and her boyfriend, I play hockey with him, talk to him a lot, and he always repeats what he hears from Jean-Charles Lajoie, word for word. And a lot are like this. 3 out of my 4 cousins. More than half of my friends. My father. 4 out of my 5 uncles who do follow the Habs.

So when I say A LOT, its because I do see A LOT of them doing just that.

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