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04-28-2009, 03:58 PM
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Between a rock and a hard place

The club has been bashed lately (and to a large extent unfairly bashed) for its sub par performance this season and postseason. Now we come to a crossroads. Some of our older players may take off and there's some new blood coming up. Obviously Gainey is going to try to sign some FAs but we don't have a great track record of getting this done, so what's the solution?

A few years back I suggested that we go out and try to trade for high picks or elite prospects. Some of the guys I thought would be good have panned out better (Bobby Ryan) than others (Jordan Staal) but all seem to be good players to build on. Apart from Price, I'm not sure who we have that's at this level. Personally, I think its because we haven't drafted high enough.

We have a lot of good young players coming up, but apart from Price we have no superstars on the horizon. Not surprising because we haven't had a legit superstar for years (and no, Koivu nor Markov count.)

Now we're staring at the possibility of losing Komisarek for nothing (which is scary in itself) as well as some of the other guys who've been a big part of our team for years.

I look at the future of this team and I see a club that has to potential to be good but its still missing the Toews, Malkin, Getzlaff type young guys who are the kind you can build a team around. Other teams have more than one of these kinds of players.

Our problem is that we haven't drafted high enough and we can't attract free agents. Its a rock and a hard place situation.

I know people are excited at the prospect of going after Vinny and he is a premier player but I can't help but think that his contract is awful and he's got injury issues. Adding him could hurt us more than it could help. I'm not sure that going after higher picks now is the solution either because the team is supposedly a team that's good enough to compete in the short run, but how else do you get elite players to come here? We haven't had the patience to do this in the past and its killing us now.

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