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04-28-2009, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
So after arguing that the media dictate what people think, you're now saying they don't. Or maybe everyone except you. Not you, of course not. Only the others. What a crock.
That's exactly what I'm saying. Pompous maybe, but I don't consider myself the average fan. Nobody at this website is the average fan. The average fan doesn't follow the draft the way we do. They don't follow the NHL as a whole the way we do. They don't understand the cap and free agency and every detail of every aspect of the league, the way we do. You're beyond naive if you can't see that for yourself. Look at any barroom discussion that comes up about this team and it'd hit you in the face.

Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
For me, the "average fan" is not the one who calls radio call-ins. Because if so, that's an awful small sample size. What is it, 1%, 2%, 10% of fans call in? Now we're getting somewhere. From "The media dictate what people think" to "the media might dictate what 10 % of the fans think". Let's keep on going like this, pretty soon, we'll be at 1%. My "few galoots".
The only reason these radio shows exist is because they cater to the "average fan". Not all of them call in, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. And they ARE the majority. Again, you're in denial if you can't see that for yourself.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
That's your own presumption.

I rather take a sample close to home. In all the people I know personaly in my life who like the Habs and follow the Habs closely, more than half of them repeat the same non-sense that I hear in the media. So that's more than 50%. My own sister repeats what her boyfriend says, she can't even counter-argue when I show her how wrong a certain argument is, that's because everything she says is based on what her boyfriend says, and her boyfriend, I play hockey with him, talk to him a lot, and he always repeats what he hears from Jean-Charles Lajoie, word for word. And a lot are like this. 3 out of my 4 cousins. More than half of my friends. My father. 4 out of my 5 uncles who do follow the Habs.

So when I say A LOT, its because I do see A LOT of them doing just that.
Originally Posted by jnthomas View Post
Just out of curiosity do you live in or around Montreal?

I got a decent example for you, my mother. She played 10 to 15 year of hockey during her teens and early twenties (until she had me lol). Her linesmate was France St. Louis (for those who don't know she's female hockey icon) and she regularly had 50 goal seasons. Also appeared in the newspapers back in those days (no mean feat as there was very very little media coverage, an article a year tops). So she was a pretty good player. Sunday we were discussing the team and she told me the reason Price was gone back in January was because he was in rehab. Now I wonder where she heard that.

Now my mother has a very strong personality. So despite me telling her that story doesn't make much sense, she'll ignore me since, like she said, "The media have been working in the industry for 15-25 years. You are arrogant to think that you are right and that they are wrong."

So she continues spewing forth the crap she hears on the radio. Now her friends don't even listen to the radio, so they end up believing what they hear from their friends. They might not believe everything, but they'll believe a few things unless they decide to do some research (which most people are adverse to doing).
That's not good enough for Gros Bill. It's just anecdotal evidence. Even though every person on this website has their own version of what you both said.

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