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04-28-2009, 04:55 PM
Not a nice guy.
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Draft of my response to him:
You cannot really be this clueless are you? Taking a the fact a few idiots booed your national anthem? Talk about generalizing a whole fan base and city based on a few bad apples. If you actually watched the game you would have seen that the cheers ended up being louder then the jeers.

Your comments makes you sound like the stereotypical ignorant American with a superiority complex, "We are the best, all should bow down to the United States of America". Sorry buddy it does not work that way. At least I know you are in the minority.

Montreal is not viewed as a legitimate sports town by all sports fans in North America? Since when? You are talking for a very large base of people and I am pretty darn sure your wrong. Sure the Expos ended up leaving but only after being screwed by a players strike, an AMERICAN art dealer owner and the Selig and MLB. Have they done any better in Washington? So far they are drawing worst then the Expos ever did ( In fact they had a game earlier this season I believe in which just above 6000 people showed up. The multi-million dollar ball park that was built has been filled at 47% capacity so far this season, nothing to write home about.

Funny how you mention the two failed CFL teams but nothing about the fact that the current version plays to sell-out after sell-out and is a model for other CFL and even NFL franchises in the way it markets itself and its players are part of the community. You might say they only play in a stadium the seats under 30,000 fans but when the play at the big O they place it packed to capacity as shown by the over 66,000 that attended the 2008 Grey Cup, something many NFL teams would love to see.

What about the Montreal Impact and they run to the CONCACAF quarter finals? They are constantly sold out and have a winning pedigree to boot, beating teams during their run to the quarter finals that nobody gave them a chance against.

Your an American from Motor City so you must know that NASCAR has also had success here in the last couple of years...right? Even F1 seems to have seen the error of their ways and are already talking about coming back at the end of this season or next season for sure.

Far from a drought of sporting events there....this of course is not including the cycling events and marathon that happen in Montreal. Also every time Montreal holds an international level event it is a success as the 2005 Fina event was, it was the first one to come to mind.

Not only have you made yourself look stupid and ignorant by forgetting the above, you compound it by going on to saying "Does anybody in the USA care or know anything about Hockey Night In Canada?
With the exception of the NHL Finals and a marquee match-up in the playoffs, you won’t see a Canadian based team on NBC. The Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks and Colorado Avalanche have been the primary teams featured on the game of the week."
Well I can counter with a statement that no Canadian gives a crap about NBC or Vs. Oh, btw I know more then a few Americans that prefer to watch Hockey Night in Canada. The show is called Hockey Night in Canada for a reason, it is hockey by Canadians for Canadians and it brings in more revenue to the league then NBC and Vs combined.

You then go on to bash all Canadian teams with the following "While Canada’s hockey tradition speaks for itself, the Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques moved south of the border to Phoenix, AZ and Denver because they couldn’t survive north of the border. Over the years, the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers have struggled financially. There are only six Canadian based teams with the Senators, Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs in the Eastern Conference while the Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks compete in the Western Conference."

Well last time I checked Phoenix is having some major issues, Pittsburgh was about to fold and where saved by a good old Canadian boy named Crosby, Nashville (had to buy some of their own tickets to meet revenue sharing requirements) is in trouble just to list a couple of the US "success" stories.....

Funny thing is you do not realize that the six Canadian teams carry this league. At this time, and for the last couple of seasons, the six lowly Canadian teams have brought in about 1/3 of the league gate revenue....6 vs 24 US based teams and the bring in a third of the $1.1 billion (U.S.) in league ticket revenue. Wow for the mighty USA!

Another one of your pearls of wisdom, "The perception of Montreal by todays players is that your area is viewed as Hockey’s version of Siberia and they know the national television exposure and mega endorsement deals in Montreal are lacking."

Since when? Montreal has a huge deal with RDS here, all 82 of their games are on TV on top of being sold out at home. This of course does not include the exposure on TSN and CBC...wait they don't matter they are not US based.

Seems to me that you are just an insecure little whiner who is pissed because his anthem was booed, big deal, there are worst things in the world like a certain war in Iraq or the fact that the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan are in trouble and will continue to be so as the supposed big 3 automakers continue to stumble. Maybe you should worry more about that then the booing of a national anthem.

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