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09-22-2004, 11:12 AM
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I have a terrific idea! Let's put hockey back where it's already failed once before...and create two more Canadian teams that have to go on NHL life-support!


Who cares that Winnipeg was only pulling in 11-12000 a just makes sense that they have a team, because I want to live the Canadian dream! While we're at it, we should contract a team like Nashville...because...while they've only had one successful year, and while they had arguably the loudest arena during the playoffs, and while EVERY home playoff game sold out's my myopic belief that they had their chance! Here, let me drag up attendance numbers, and ignore the fact that the Predators lost less money last year than the Oilers, the Devils, the Rangers, the Blues, and in fact...most other teams! Let me also ignore the fact that the hallowed Red Wings could barely get their building half-full during the abysmal 80s...or that the Canucks were once a laughingstock with one of the worst attendance records in the league. Who cares! They deserved the benefit of the doubt during THEIR mediocre years. I'm Joe TradNHLFan, and I wants what me wants! I'll continue to go around spouting the pedestrian belief that "overexpansion" is somehow the cause of all the NHL problems..and meanwhile I'll ignore how much my beloved Maple Leafs are paying Ed Belfour and Owen Nolan.


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