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04-29-2009, 01:26 AM
Doc McKenna
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The USA chant may be the most Jingoistic self deluding thing they have invented. If any of our american fans have trouble understanding why there is contempt for this jerk or why there was booing. Go check out our nice upside down flag during the world series. I am sure that was just an accident.

Also I might ask, why in any argument an american brings up "we defend you" when they are the only country to have tried to conquer us by force. 3 Times for that matter. You did it economically isn't that enough. This is very tiring. We are losing soldiers(even bombed by US of A pilots) on your behalf in Afghanistan against 65% of canadian wishes and we still get crapped on. Like both McCain and the homeland security secretary saying the 9/11 terrorists came from canada in the last week. It's called slander/fearmongering. But you guys get upset and need a blanky because a few drunken A-Holes booed....holy cow. It would be one thing if they were burning flags at center ice. It's booing, don't get your nationalism all in a knot. Cherry's pro canadian player crap gives me a headache worse then it does you guys.

I won't get into the whole late to the party in both world wars because they were busy profiteering from both sides(right preston bush) or how they have lost 1/2 of the wars they have been involved in since. They would make me a jerk for pointing out, you know, the truth. Just like how the writer pointed out how some guys are morons for booing while they are drunk. Of course he wanted to use the blanket statement of all Canada before his little double retraction.

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