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04-29-2009, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I think next season will really be a defining year from Price.

-hopefully his sophmore jinx will be over (look how awesome Ward is playing this year...and yes I do note the difference between Wards entry and Price's falter vs. the Flyers, but aside from that Price was pretty huge last year)

-He has been thrown in the well, it's time to see what he can come up with mentally

-He has enough games under his belt (including playoffs) to have the feel for it. I have no doubt if you put him on the Caps or Ducks, he would have done as well as Varlamov or Hiller

-We will have a much better D next year

-He will likely be shielded better by Gainey (please Bob...STAY! and in that case GG too)

As much as we hate to have to go through it, our young goalie had very difficult growing pains this season and he's going to either come out of it in a big way or just be average (which will be seen as mediocre). I am, personally, certain that we have not made a mistake with him and that Bob knows what he's doing, even if it requires these kinds of lows. I am also sure he will be great in the near future. I just wish the real fans (the majority) could get through to him and tell him that the sour taste he has in his mouth is due to an ill-representation. Ignore them, Montreal loves you. Win us a cup and if you can, change your mask while you're at it.
Not sure about our D next year, esp if Komi leaves.

We've got a bunch of kids ready to come up, Weber and O'Byrne are going to get regular shifts... there will be some growing pains there. If we lose Komi? It will be really ugly.

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