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09-22-2004, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
This isn't a "too teams in Florida soxx0rz annd steall ouwrcanadiann prideBettmanis behinds all this and the yanks are conqwerwring the worldz" message
I wouldn't expect one from you, but that is a nice characterization! :lol

They do seem like they were made with limited vision as a mean to cash grab. With the money being used unwisely in the manner of a freaking junkie. They should have used those funds wisely.
I agree with you on that (no disrespect to those fans), these were totally cash grabs to keep the other teams afloat for a while with those expansion fees, my own favorite team included. I read somewhere (can't remember where at the moment) that the only reason the current CBA was extended in '99 was so the last expansion would go through and more expansion money would be put in the pot.

At this point however, we have 30 teams, and those same people whose teams were part of this cash grab need to realize that it's the responsibility of ALL to help those teams succeed. You can't just contract them with a "hey, thanks for playing and thanks for helping me make my payroll a few years ago, see ya".

Originally Posted by habster
Also, I feel people from the south can't relate from the game of hockey because ice is not accessible to them. So can't really grasp what hockey is all about.
If one of you were in fact God, I wish you'd make posts like this stop. Oh, and I do have access to ice, it's in my freezer. The kind you can skate on is about a half hour away, so I wouldn't say it's not accessible.

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