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04-29-2009, 09:58 AM
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LOL, he was too busy coughing up the puck in the offensive zone repeatedly to do that.

You know what's funny? People complain about Joe Thornton, saying he only scores/gets points when it doesn't matter.

Plekanec does the same thing, but he's not a 100pt guy. He gets a goal when we're losing 5-0, or when we're winning 4-1 lol.

His points total was shocking considering how bad he actually played, reason being, plek would rack up 2-4 points off one team, and then do nothing again for 1-2 weeks, then rinse and repeat. He seems to only be effective against certain teams.

Even if you want to save the complaining about the point production that's fine, but he could at least make some decent passes, not lose the puck in the offensive zone 9/10 times. I would see time and time again Plek has the puck, Plek loses the puck. Plek has the puck, Plek plays with the puck for a minute playing like he thinks he's a power forward, not passing when he gets numerous opportunities to do so. Then guess what? You guessed it, he coughs up the puck.

The guy frustrates me a lot. I don't know if it's just because he can't play against certain teams, or if he's the ultimate streaky player (remember the year before? he only came to play for the 2nd half of the season), but he just aggrivates the living hell out of me. Every time he enters the zone with the puck, is given the puck in the offensive zone, he loses it. His passes were just down right awful this season too. He has the least "soft hands" I've ever seen. He needs coach bombay to show him how its done. He rips the puck at the person so hard you almost expect it to break their stick. It's a pass plek, not a shot.

Grr, the guy just gets on my nerves so much, at least the way Higgins was playing, I could see him improving and breaking out eventually, he might even be the habs next Leclaire. But Plekanec, you can just tell his one good season must've been a fluke, the guy is just downright awful. I don't know if he's lost all his confidence, or maybe it's because the habs style of play doesn't work for him anymore, I really don't know what it is but the guy plays so bad it's laughable. At least Higgins has other parts of his game where he's good. Plek is just downright awful. I like to call him Plekvisible, because 90% of the time I never see him in a game, and when I do it's because he's getting stripped of the puck or making a failed attempt to score.

At certain points I even found he was being a puck hog, for no good reason in situations where even someone with the biggest lack of offensive awareness would've passed.

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