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04-29-2009, 01:59 PM
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Probably true. My last two sets of pads were 36+0 and 37+1's... I'd like to get a 2" thighrise or more, but depending on the manufacturer it's just not possible, for me anyways. My 36" RBKs had settled down and shrunk an inch after a year, to the point where my knee was hitting the very top of the landing gear. My 37+1" TPS pads have been good so far, knock on wood... after a season my knee is right in the middle, hopefully they'll stay that way.

I don't think the mass-producers of pads like Vaughn, Reebok, Itech, TPS would make a pad longer than 38". The smaller, custom pad makers (Battram, Smith, etc) might, so my next set might be something like a 37+2" from them. Not to mention Battram has some pretty nice looking vintage material...

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