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Originally Posted by Catch-22 View Post
I love the excuses. He got hit? Cry me a river.

Don't tell me Tanguay is a big deal because of hat he did in 2001. That Avalanche team included Milan Hejduk, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Paul Kariya, Teemu Selanne, Rob Blake and Adam Foote. There's not a player among those that I wouldn't have preferred to Tangauy at that time.
Talk about some blind hate? You arguement is full of holes. You are coming down on a guy for in injury that you don't even know the extent of. Sure Tanguay isn't physical, but who ever said he was? When he was traded for, the Habs thought they were getting someone who could help out Koivu. And thats exactly what he did. He was one of the best offensive leaders on this team. Then he gets hurt, and then the fanbase jumps on him for having a messed up shoulder.

For a player who is expected to generate offense from his shooting and passing abilities, how can you expect him to do much of anything if he can't raise his arm. Then to suggest that he at least should have come back as a "grinder" for those games, when the Habs had plenty of healthy, better, grinders sitting in the pressbox is rediculous. What would be the point? He'd probably just hurt himself more.

Then you question his integrety as a player by basically saying that you wouldn't want to "go to war" with him in the playoffs. This is a guy who has won it already, and hes been clutch when it counts. You can list off all those players on Colorado, but if it weren't for Tanguay in game 7, there is no Stanley Cup for Colorado. Its as simple as that. He's done well in the playoffs, and I don't see how bringing them up can help your arguement at all.

Tanguay is a great player to have on this team because he can provide secondary scoring and hes young. Hes got great vision, a decent shot, hes pretty quick. Hes not very physical, but once again, we already knew this when he was traded for. Not resigning him will hurt this teams offense, which already looks like it will be in rough shape next year.

Now that he's getting shoulder surgery in the offseason, people are starting to complain about his dedication? This is typical Montreal. People B****ing about injuries that they don't even really know about. Running him out of town will only hurt this team. People should focus on creating informed discussions rather than witch hunts.

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