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09-22-2004, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Rancid
frankly there are teams you just can't get rid of.....

There's too much history.

Other teams that shouldn't be removed
Minnesota (Dedicated fans)
Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver (dedicated fans)

Teams they should add....
Winnepeg, Atlantic Provinces squad, Maybe a team from Maine....

To get rid of....

Doubles in states....
LA or Anaheim
NJ or NYI (one) though the island has dedicated fans so prolly NJ

Southern Teams w/ no fan base

Nashville, Columbus, Maybe even Atlanta....

Honestly...who watches hockey in Texas..bye bye Dallas.....
1. Columbus has one of the best attendance records in the LEAGUE. Your first step in discrediting yourself.
2. Dallas had one of the longest sellout streaks going, at one point..and is consistently in the top of the league in that regard. Step two.
3. If we want to talk about who's being a burden on the league and is almost solely responsible for the current state of the league..let's not look beyond your own New York Rangers. Didn't they just make public that they're in the top six in the league for most money lost? They did. You can cite "history" all you want, but don't cast dispersions upon teams like Nashville, Florida and Columbus..all that actually have a FUTURE...for what your team did in the past.
4. Hockey in Winnipeg failed already. We've been over that. Had they been selling out their games when they were moved, we might make a case for it. And this is coming from a guy who grew up loving the Jets. It saddens me that it didn't work, but it didn't work, nonetheless.
5. NHL Hockey in...Maine? Have you been to Maine? You might as well put a team in Montana. They simply don't have the population to support it. The AHL's Portland Pirates are just big enough.
6. A team for ALL the maritime a bit more feasible...but just a bit. That's Leafs and Habs country, depending on where you go...and a lot of those fans wouldn't be quick to abandon a lifetime love for a new team that might take ten years to catch on.

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