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04-30-2009, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
Pretty sure Yan Stastny is on a one-way contract with the big club.

I would say Kana is done as a Blues prospect IMO, so give him the boot for good.

Lemtyugov is probably as good as done. Though I would like to see what happens with him next season.

Reaves never makes the NHL and sticks, so unless he is providing something I don't know about, he could get the boot as well.

Resign Regier, I really like this he plays.

Pretty sure Palushaj and Sonne are on the books for next year for the Rivs.

Linglet seems like he is fading away, so I doubt he comes back.

Resign Holt. This guy deserves to see some time IMO

Wagner is probably a given to resign

Filewich and Richmond probably get another look next year

I would hate to see Porter go, but I had not heard many positive things about him this season.

I would like to see them add some scoring, but Palushaj and Sonne might add enough of that.
You're correct about Stastny. The last year of his contract is one-way. He gets removed from this list.

For a while I was giving kudos to Kana for sticking around North America to learn our game, but he's been a non-factor in the Kelly Cup playoffs so far. I think he has only one or two points in 8 playoff games. And this is on a high-scoring Aces team. Based on his numbers he pretty much stinks.

I think Lemtyugov will come back. He's admitted that going back to Russia was a huge mistake. I hope he comes back.

Reaves is a tough guy. He's got a little bit of experience now and the new kids will need some protection. Also, Reaves has some skill.

Goodbye Linglet.

I think Jori Lehterä has to go back to Tappara next season, so I can remove him from this list.

Everyone else, besides Whitfield, are a toss-up for me. Maybe keep Regier. But Whitfield absolutely must be resigned, at least imo.

Corrazini already said that he is retiring, so he's outta here.

Palushaj and Sonne and maybe Eller will be with Peoria next season. I don't think any of these guys make the Blues roster out of camp. Eller will make it out of camp if and only if he gets healthy and stronger than he was this past season, which is unlikely to happen between now and the end of camp. He needs time to heal and rehab.

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