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Pinching is kind of an art form. If you find a defenseman of the other team deep within their zone, sometimes they get under pressure and without looking, try to send the puck around the boards to the winger that has not set up yet.

Once this happens, it should be the responsibility to the defenseman on the attacking team, to watch how the play develops and rush deep into the boards to recover the puck before the winger does and push it back into the "Pressure Zone".

This pressure zone is located behind the goalie line and is call the pressure zone because when the puck is within this zone, the goalie is under maximum pressure. Why?

If the puck is behind the goal line, the goalie had to watch the puck carrier and the players out front at the same time. This is going to force the goalie to change the direction of his head all of the time to make sure that he is covering everyone at the same time.

Once the puck starts to move in the direction of the point from the corner, the goalie will be able to have a full view of all of the players, thus the pressure is reduced.

So to maintain constant pressure, rush to the boards and push the puck back in the pressure zone. As a defeseman on the attacking team, Do not wait for the puck to get to you, be the first one to the puck and push it back into the corner. This action of rushing to the boards before the defending forwards gets to the puck first is called: Pinching!

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