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04-30-2009, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGooooch View Post
yeah, I have been practicing a bunch during the Gretzky's lately and will probably start playing pick ups next week. Maybe I will play in that one next week
I played lunch time dropin today and trust me (no offense to anyone here) none of us on this thread can keep up with 3/4's of the guys out there. All ex college, home from college or just straight bad ass hockey players. They were only playing at 1/2 speed and still whooped ass.... I play DD at Logitech Ice and I am ok at that level, but playing against these guys makes me feel like an EEE player.

So, don't worry about getting your level of play up. It's more about skating and trying to work on things you wouldn't do in a game. There is no real "team" play at drop in's anyways. If you play D, you could work on positioning one on one's, or two on one's. If you are a forward you learn how to be ready for a pass from anywhere

Good idea in the thread by the way

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