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04-30-2009, 11:09 PM
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Should I replace my helmet because the HECC certification just expired?

I just want to see what some people's opinions are.

I have a Tacks CCM 1052 helmet that the HECC certification expired on Feb-2009

The certification for new helmets is 5 years, i don't think I've had this helmet that long, maybe 3 years.

The helmet is is good condition there is not physical damage to it at all and i am really reluctant to go out and get a new one just because it's no longer HECC certified. I realyy like the helmet it's comforatable and fits me really well. Plus it's another expense i really don't need.

The league i play in requires all players to wear a HECC certified helmet but it very unlikely they will check the expiration date on it. i have never seen any official check any players gear that thoroughly.

I don't think the helmet is unsafe at all, but if my safety is compromised I won't hesitate to replace it.

I'd like to hear some other people's take on this.


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