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Originally Posted by Vincent Gambini View Post
this is just a bs excuse that will give carter a pass that he doesnt deserve...i have played with a separated shoulder and yeah it hurts like a ***** but it doesnt affect play very much at all...he showed me very little this post season, which in turn showed me a lot about him

call me an idiot, and im sure you will, but i feel like carter is the guy who will come up short every year but will always have that very "convenient" excuse - just my opinon, i get that feeling from jeff, and believe me i hope i am 100% wrong

ps this is my last post for the summer possibly ever so it was nice talking hockey with you all and i enjoyed reading this board for the last few years...thanks for making it fun! .....getting out just before i get grilled for ripping jeff

I think it is too early to say that...after all, the guy is one of the all time leaders in goals during the world junior championships (tied with Lindros and Tavares) He has proven to show up when it counts before.

If this happens again next year though, then we can start thinking that.

They were overmatched, outcoached and outworked the majority of the series, plus some unfortunately injuries. Simple as that

Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
I don't get this attitude at all. Richards had two busted shoulders but played with all the heart and desire he usually does. He was a physical force and the leading scorer (tied). Carter was playing with a busted shoulder for 3.5 out of 6 games, yet was invisible for all of them, on top of playing like a giant vagina. Richards was highly visible, but maybe not as effective as he can be; Carter was just plain invisible.
Good post. While I dont disagree with your point, this is something that will prob always be the case...Carter is one of those guys that seems to live off of his physical ability, Richards is a guy that has limited physical ability but works his butt off to get more out of himself than he really should.

Originally Posted by theklatter26 View Post
Carter missing that empty net was the turning point of the series. Right then and there i knew the Pens were gonna win the series.. You need puck luck like that to get far in the playoffs and i dont know why Philly seems to never get any puck luck like that. Huge letdown. The boys gotta rehab and reshape themselves for next season but its gonna be a tough and emotional summer knowing they matched the play of the Pens all series long and lost.
Ummm, they didnt match the pens play all series long, that is why they lost

Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
The entire team sucked in Game 1 and Carter had a pretty good Game 2, except that he'll remember 'the save' for the rest of his life.

He may not get a pass for his play from Game 3 onwards, but the type of injury he sustained affected the most valuable part of his game: his shot. He definitely looked lazy out there; he normally does. What separates him most nights is that he can find times here or there to create chances with his shot. He didn't in this series.

Carter had a bad series, but I'm happy to hear that it was an injury that (probably) hampered his effectiveness.
I am sure the injury didnt help, but I agree with others in that he could have played a little harder. Here in lies the problem with a one dimensional player, if the shoulder was killing his shot, he could have tried to be beter in other areas like setting up plays, unfortunately he doesnt do that very well

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