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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
All you need to know about 1 piece sticks is you will spend thousands of dollars on them, they will break on passes, they will break when you have a huge 1 timer set up, the manufacturers will discontinue your favorite curve and you'll buy more of them.
I use a 2 piece composite ... I switched to them in December from wood sticks / aluminum shafts with wood blades.

I must say I've broken only ONE blade and it happened on a onetimer but not because I shot it properly. I caught it too far up on the toe and made an off balance misfire.

I must say I am never going back to wood or anything else, composites are the deal double fahshizzle.

I also do NOT trust one piece sticks yet as whenever I play with people and they shoot a hard shot or take a hard pass they lean on their blade to see if it broke. it happens a lot and quite hoinestly they are a waste of money until they do not break am,ong players that can actually play.

I don't care about joe schmoe from Cocamo who can't shoot and boasting about how long his composite has lasted without breaking. Not directed at anyone in this thread or anything so no offense, just speaking in general. I shoot very hard and beat the crap out of sticks ... my composite blades are a little chipped and war damaged but not broken. They hold together extremely well.

I should add I have broken a few wood blades over the year misfiring one timers as well so don't go by my breaking one that way.

These one piece sticks breaking as easily as they do just receiving a hard pass are a joke though. no thanks .... let me know when they don't do that and I MAY get one.

But seriously the 2 piece offers just about the same thing ... I mean how fussy can someone be?

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