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05-01-2009, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Anybody here a big guy like me (6ft 4in 235lbs)?

I need info on Bauer Vapor or Supreme for big guys .... meaning the cheaper skates have a problem with the hell seperating on heavy guys.

Any stories about your Vapoer or Supremem skate? If so what model do you have?

I don't want to go spend $600 on a skate for cripes sakes is my point but I need something sturdy that won't give out in the heel like the cheaper ones do.

Any models that have worked well for you and you are heavy AND they are relatively affordable around $300?

I've been eyeballing a pair of vapor XXVs ... good or not for a big dude? They haddem for about $250 US
I'm 6 ft 200 lbs I skate on a pro return vapor XXX (A year now) with no issues.

The vapor XXX (30) is cheep now and it's an elite level skate. Not a current model but a good quality skate. As I understand it if your foot is widder than a EE you ought to look at the supreme line.

I have a E heal but a EEEE ball of my foot. (Duck feet hole the webbing) so I got the vapors and had the front pushed open a bit because the supreme heal cup was a bit sloppy.

I will always get a new or used pro return skate before buying a lesser skate. I pulled a groin when I first started playing hockey because the boot broke down because of my awesome skating power and fat arse.

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