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09-23-2004, 11:16 AM
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Sorry but I work for the CCRA and with one of the best union's Canada-wide anyway, every employee has a ceiling on what they can make at a certain level and with a certain experience level.

No one is saying the owners didn't make mistakes, because they did dop the ball, but, lets get real here, the fans cannot support the league the way the system operated as of September 15th, 2004 and they closed up shop.

Now if I could find one part of the players proposal that wasn't suggesting the owners give up more money while the players do nothing much more than a 5% percent rollback in salaries I might tend to agree that there were making serious proposals. It's not hard to agree on a system where the players continue to give nothing back to the league that made them. Easy to give away other peoples money ie a luxury tax system, instead of the millions off over-inflated contract isn't it.

Put Jaromir Jagr at 11 million a year, or Bobby Holik at 9 million a year, in a room and have them explain to the lowest paid player in the league, why the lowest paid player isn't playing and making a living because Jagr needs more. It just won't happen. In '94 the players had an actual problem. They did deserve more money. And they got it and then some. Why should they be paid millions while they put the league into chapter 11?

Who here putting everything aside would run unsuccessful buisnesses in any field of work, not just NHL franchises, if you were being bled dry and your employees, and all they kept saying was: we want more, you should pay out more money even though you are losing millions. Nobody would.

Calculate a 5% rollback in salaries from your teams last payroll and ask yourself if that extra 3.5-4 million dollars AT MOST would change anything in a marketplace in which they lost 10-15 million on average.

Significant proposals? From who? Is it too much for the players to be like every other professional sporting league in the world? Why? What is the real reason?

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