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09-23-2004, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by guitaraholic
i knew someone would throw this out as an example and it doesn't wash. Furthermore I specifically said find an example of where an INDIVIDUALS wage is capped. Those leagues have salary caps for teams, not the same thing at all. I am talking specfically about individuals earnings. I do not know anything about the NFL or NBA but I do not believe they cap individual player salaries. I also understand that the NBA's 'cap' is basically a joke with a million loopholes.
So, do those leagues cap individual players salaries or not? If not, then your reply isn't even relevent to my original post.
Next answer...
If I've understood correctly, the teams wanted a cap at 30 or 35 million, so then it wouldn't limit ones pay, but to 30 or 35 mil. That's the same as in the NBA and NFL. The players can decide what they want to demand, but there might be no team capable of paying them what they want. For example Shaquille O'Neal kept his wage "in a reasonable amount", because he wanted to play in a successful team. That isn't possible in a team with just one good player.

edit: btw do you now how much the NFL and NBA get from TV, ads etc.? A lot more than the NHL teams I can assure you.

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