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09-23-2004, 11:35 AM
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Players keep talking about an open marketplace.

Where under the rules of a hard cap does it say that a team cannot pay a particular player a particular amount of money, except in the NBA?

NFL players make money hand over fist and to avoid the cap the owners simply front load contracts with hefty signing bonuses. You are telling me that the players could still not receive "fair value" under such a system? What exactly is fair value in this marketplace?

No jobs, no money. What exactly is 95% of nothing?

I really have no sympathy for either side, but in this case the players got used to the good life in a system that could not support them, and now they would rather have the system die then give back to the league.

Let's break it down here:

Lockout - a long one, means contraction, probably.

Contraction means less jobs, but who gets cut first? The lesser paid players. Because I would say on average they have less skill, so less demand for players of that ilk. All the top talents and top paid players would still find jobs. Becuase those are the people casual fans come to see, can't afford to lose them.

Think about it, the players care for nothing more then their own salaries. What are they willing to give up? Three major points:

5% Rollback - Does nothing to help solve the problems now.
Luxury Tax System - Not their money to give away so why do they care?
Entry Level Contracts Reduced - I thought they said they cared about the younger guys? No problems giving away money from players who have yet to suit up in the league. No voting rights, no consideration.

The highly paid players want to keep what they have, they could contract all day long and spread as much of the owners money around as they want, it doesn't fix the problems now. They care nothing for their own union members or future members, they would rather see the league die then to admit they won't help to save it.

And how could anyone support the owners position? Huh? I just don't get it...

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