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09-23-2004, 11:50 AM
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Sorry but the name we use now: Canadian Border Services or CBS, (Yes, just like the television mogul, which is the reason I chose not to use it, seeing as how Americans read and post here...) is not as well known, as it has only been used for less than a year here anyways, I could be wrong about the exact date outside of the Niagara region, unlike CCRA which was used for years. I would wager not everyone on these boards has knowledge of Canada let alone our recent re-structuring of our customs operations, if you would like to debate it I am sure I could send you a scanned photo of my pay stub.

You obviously knew exactly what I meant or you wouldn't have commented on it, so I guess it wasn't that far off from accomplishing my objective huh?

Jeez try to eliminate problems and confusion and I find the one anal poster on this topic. Enjoy.

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