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09-23-2004, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by guitaraholic
You're correct about Unions often agreeing to wage scales for employees of different experience, etc. This is the one example I believe supports the case for ownership regulation of salaries, so I will definately accept it as a good example for the artificial regulation of an individuals pay rate. Can I trouble you to PM your particular occupation to me and what union governs it? I'd appreciate it.
I'm curious, though, if you feel it's acceptable to cap individual earnings and yet your bosses (the managers of the company, shareholders, etc, whatever the case may be) are free to reap as much profit off the back of your labour as they can with no limiting factors whatsoever?
In effect isn't that what the owners are doing by setting aside a certain percentage of earnings? The players are capped at 50% then so would ownership.
Originally Posted by guitaraholic
i knew someone would throw this out as an example and it doesn't wash. Furthermore I specifically said find an example of where an INDIVIDUALS wage is capped. Those leagues have salary caps for teams, not the same thing at all. I am talking specfically about individuals earnings. I do not know anything about the NFL or NBA but I do not believe they cap individual player salaries. I also understand that the NBA's 'cap' is basically a joke with a million loopholes.
So, do those leagues cap individual players salaries or not? If not, then your reply isn't even relevent to my original post.
Next answer...
The NBA does have a max salary for a player and a set scale on rookies.

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