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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
They DO break in "odd" manners... but it's not because of the "odd situation" 95%** of the time, it's what's happened to the stick previously that started the "odd breakage." You ever see a guy lean into a stick to see how far it flexes? That can easily cause an early demise to a OPS... Including that stick you bought from your LHS that someone did "the flex test" 2 days earlier.

**95% is obviously an estimated number, it's probably less. Manufacturing defects do happen, that's why there are warranties

Now, one thing I didn't really touch on is that I'm referring to high-end sticks. I've split a few low-end sticks because they're not made to flex as much as higher-end sticks. You can literally hear the fiberglass cracking when you shoot. Those very well may break from shooting, depending on the flex and your strength/weight/technique.
I just know what I see ... the guys on my team check their blades because they break them once in a while and do not trust them all the time after they have either intercepted a hard pass or took a huge slapshot.

If yours don't do that then God bless. Mine don't either ... I'm using two piece composites and have had NO troubles with normal durability. I've never used a one piece composite stick.

I am certainly no expert and won't state I am some kind of know-it-all because people like that suck and irritate my keester to no end.

My OPINION is what I have stated and it is what I believe. I respect yours but disagree with it.

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