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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
...but do you really believe that a stick is going to break from a normal shooting process, what it's strategically designed for over taking skate blades, slashes, contact with the boards and idiots over-flexing sticks in the store? I'm not doubting that you see sticks break from seeming odd circumstances but you have to realize how much abuse sticks take in just one shift of hockey. Imagine the unflexed fibres in a hockey stick takes a slash, it flexes slightly to absorb the shock and may chip or crack from the force on a small portion of a stick. Then the stick, with a chip or fracture(a weak point) flexes, putting strain on the fibres of the stick and SNAP. Have you played baseball with a wood bat? You can break it and have it remain in one-piece... believe me, after it fractures it's a LOT easier to break, you can actually break that wood bat with your bare hands.

On the last home game of the regular season I was at a Lightning game, Ovechkin took a slash and drew a penalty. I noticed he just went to his point position after the call, not to the bench. I told someone with me to watch Ovechkin, his next shot the stick is going to blow up. The next shot he took was a slap shot from the point and sure enough, the stick ended up in two. I'm not a psychic, I just know that the biggest reasons for stick breakage is taking slashes.

I'm not pretending I know-it-all but I am very well versed in hockey equipment and the trends in hockey equipment. I respect your opinion but I think you need to look at more evidence. I think upon looking at the trends you'd realize that it's rather rare for a manufacturing defect or shooting/passing in-itself to break a composite stick.
In your opinion .... which I clearly stated is not mine.

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