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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
Best poster to me, is the person who beleives what they say, but respects the other persons opinion in an argument. They also contribute all around the forum and they dont start crap. lol. That being said thats a hard one to pick for lol. We all start **** from time to time

Hehehe, that's kind of what I was getting at. All of us who get into "debates" tend to be close minded and dismiss the other poster at times. Not always, but I've seen the best "debaters" do this no matter how open minded they usually are. Personally, I think the best are the ones who stay of of the long drawn out debates for the most part and just chime in to add a few words of wisdom or a small piece of the puzzle that nobody has thought of to that point. To me, GKJ fits that mold the best. I think he tries to stay as neutral as possible but even he gets high on himself sometimes. I guess I see him as the best of the worst of us. I know he's a far better canidate for that award than I am.

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