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05-02-2009, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I just know what I see ... the guys on my team check their blades because they break them once in a while and do not trust them all the time after they have either intercepted a hard pass or took a huge slapshot.

If yours don't do that then God bless. Mine don't either ... I'm using two piece composites and have had NO troubles with normal durability. I've never used a one piece composite stick.

I am certainly no expert and won't state I am some kind of know-it-all because people like that suck and irritate my keester to no end.

My OPINION is what I have stated and it is what I believe. I respect yours but disagree with it.
To be honest, unless you've used one you aren't able to accurately speak on behalf of it's durability. Maybe the guy was chasing raccoons out of his attic with it earlier.....maybe his wife uses it to leverage the mower out of the shed....maybe his kids like to use it a spring board.

I'd argue, the constant leaning on the stick to check it actually hurts it. I'd further argue the reason they are doing that it because of the sound a composite can make in those situations. I've heard that sound enough to check my own stick and ask others if they had broken their stick on that play. Very rarely has the stick actually been broken, just sounds like it has.

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