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05-02-2009, 07:29 PM
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I'll chime in with a few tips from a goalie's perspective:

1. Keep skating as long as possible. Gliding is a dead giveaway that a move is coming. Also, faking while gliding too long is not going to work on good goalies who read plays well. If you stop skating and start gliding, do your moves as soon as possible.

2. Shoot. If you have a good shot, uncork one while skating with a full head of steam. You'll have a good chance as long as you keep skating and the goalie is moving his feet.

3. Keep the puck out very wide or far ahead of you. This may trigger the goalie to attempt a pokecheck.

4. In a shootout (or breakaway where you have lots of time), try coming in at an angle. Getting the goalie to move sideways opens up lots of holes to shoot at.

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