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05-03-2009, 03:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
True. I just see a lot of blade testing during things like pre game warmup, shinny hockey after taking a slapshot or one timer.

The testing had nothing to do with being slashed or what have you. That was my main point ... the blade test happens often enough for me not to try one out yet.
I test my blade a lot, it's mainly out of habit... but I'm not looking for breakage, I'm looking for loss of stiffness. Sometimes it feels different receiving a pass, I take a look at the tape and give the blade a little twist.

My main point here is that these sticks are well made, they aren't made "to break so you have to buy more." That would be stupid, it's made to break during the first use... ok, well then they have to pay to replace the stick under warranty and ship a new stick to the customer. Directly cutting into their profits. Remember, they already sold their sticks, that's how you bought one from your LHS or online retailer.

Also keep in mind that an unbreakable stick would be dangerous. Have you ever seen someone get a blade stuck in the zam door? It's begging for injury as is, imagine a stick that doesn't break. Even aluminum shafts would break or bend(over time they would "warp") ...and you pretty much have to use a wood blade in them. Heavy suckers too... but I digress.

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