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05-03-2009, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by forzanerazzurri View Post
You should double check your stats bud. Also, his "suspension" was off of a marginal hit to the head that is an AUTOMATIC 1 game suspension in the IIHF. Wake up. This surely cant be the first time youve watched international hockey. The strictness of the IIHF is well documented. If they watched Dan Carcillo play he would be suspended all the time. In fact if IIHF rules were in place, they would have a heyday in an average NHL playoff game. Fact is, he is there and Carcillo isnt, but you missed the point I suppose.
At the time of the suspension, I believe he had zero points. Here nor there, it was a 'ha-ha'.

Marginal hit in the NHL, not a marginal hit in the IIHF. It was a suspendable hit, period. Again, it was a 'ha-ha'.

Obviously Carcillo isn't there, is ANYBODY surprised??? Give your head a shake.

You need to get your sarcasm detector checked.


Back on topic...

TSN just interviewed Coburn (#55), he's playing 3rd pairing with Vlasic against Norway.

Also of note. Thoreson is playing for Norway.

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