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09-23-2004, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ceber
The model franchise is losing less money by not icing a team this season. Doesn't that give some insight into the state of the league?
The insight I come away with is that they are a bunch of bald faced liars. Those numbers just arent credible if anything they have ever been forced to reveal before is.

With 70 mil in revenues they have backed themselves into a spot where he can only prevent the loss of an alleged few million by not playing? It takes a real stretch to come to this conclusion. Save $5mil by giving up on $70mil.

If this is true, what is the reason? Certainly not Holiks salary we have no one like him. Is it that Chara and redden are getting 3mil too much? Is it that we have Smolinski, de Vries, Bondra instead of spezza, volchenkov, and vermette?

Is it that we need to raise prices by $10 a ticket.

Is it because the franchise isnt properly valued, is too much in debt, has deferred too many contracts, ia overpaying in management fees?

Or is it because we dont have a salary cap?

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