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09-23-2004, 11:59 PM
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Things I'm tired to hear about the PRO-OWNERS.

The thing I'm tired to hear is that the players are greedy & the owners are not. To me that's the biggest bull**** I can hear.

The 2nd thing is that a cap would lower the ticket price where Bob Goodenow said & that's 1 thing I agree with is that TICKET PRICES & PLAYERS SALARIES are not related. For an amateur, average joe hockey fan, he look at a players millions & he sees ticket price rising & there you go.

The 3rd thing that I hate to hear is that OWNERS are taking all the risk , they have a right to make money. OF COURSE they should make money but taking the risk does NOT GIVE YOU the RIGHT to make some. I'm sorry but if you start your business & you manage it like a moron, you will lose MONEY & it's almost like you have a RIGHT to lose money.

The 4th thing is that I'm tired to hear the ''HOLIK'' salaries, it happens 1-TIME & it won't happen again. Should we bother about it ? Does John Madden got 9,000,000$ this year ?no.

Also people are going way overboard with the 10M$ thing. As of TODAY there's 41 PLAYERS making more the 5,000,000$ & 19 of those 41 are making 7,000,000$ +

19 PLAYERS !!!!!! & all we talk about is that no one should make 10M$. It's not the majority who make 10M$.

Conclusion : I'm don't have any sympathy for players but I don't have any sympathy either for the owners & 1-thing that makes me want to vomit is that people are just eating the word that Bettman-Daly say.

Also everyone jump on the NHLPA when a player speak a bit differently than the PA executive but does anyone realize that to make sure the NHL Owner will win the PR battle they put an order to all 30 owners to not speak about the negotiation & everything non-related to their specific team or they will be fined 1,000,000$ ? That just tell you how UNIFIED the owner are, they have to restrain themselves to be UNIFIED. How pathetic.

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