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05-03-2009, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
from what i have read, harvey was basically a more complete version of lidstrom. harvey was much more physical. lack of physicality is lidstrom's weakness.
Red Kelly is MUCH more comparable to Lidstrom from that era. Ill try and upload an old wings game soon in my thread.

Kelly, like Lidstrom played a physically lacking, yet positionally sound game and was just a genius on the ice, stayed out of the box and was a terrific playmaker. Poor Kelly had to play many years head to head with Harvey, but had the Norris Existed before he won the first one, he would have 4 and with Harvey out of the picture 6.

Regarding Lidstrom's physicality being a weakness, I do not agree completely, depending on the context. Take this goal for example.

Lidstrom does what he does here. Takes away the angle of the shot and the goaltender SHOULD have made that save. However, Umberger had no forward help at the time and 2 other wings were back.

Ray Bourque would have taken Umberger to the boards and pinned him as he entered the zone knowing their was no forechecking help coming for Umberger and either his Defensive partner or the backcheking wing could have retrieved the puck and moved to break out.

I know it might be hard to swallow, but while that angle cutting move works well with modern goaltenders, it would NOT have worked as well in the 80's, where goaltenders still let shots from the outside in rather often with their smaller pads and stand up style.

Langway was such a great defensive defenseman in the 80's because he attacked like a wild man and had the size, strength and reach and stickwork to take on ANYONE.

In a situation where Umberger DID have forechecking help, then angling him off is generally the correct move and Bourque would have done that too, depending on the circumstances. He had all of the same defensive skills as Lidstrom plus a bit of physicality, but he would gamble more(Usually it would work) so its considered a bit of sacrifice of defense for offense, thus, Lidstrom is slightly better defensively, but slightly behind offensively.

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