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09-24-2004, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBlues
Why I support the owners
I'ts their teams, their capatol, their risk. It doesent matter that they run it like crap, it's theirs to do with it what they please..

however, its also the players right to not play in the NHL. if the owners want that particular group of players, i guess they will have to negotiate with them.

or are the NHLPA members simply well paid gladiators, there for our viewing pleasure with no free will. the players have grouped together and said "if you want us, we wont play for a cap".

frankly, us fans better hope the owners DONT call "impasse". then theplayers only have to wait out or even play out the remaining portion of their contracts and they are no longer subject to restrictions like an entry draft. the NHL can NOT have an entry draft without the players approval. Crosby will cash in and a team like PIT which NEEDS Crosby wont even get a sniff. Who do you think will land an unrestricted Crosby ? You would have to ask him, as he will decide.

and who will get Iginla who has no contract ? ya i can see how an impasse helps CGY and many other teams who will no longer "control" the rights to their young superstars.


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