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05-03-2009, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by HURAKAN View Post
As per taping.. I usually go through 1 tape job per game when taping toe to heel. Sometimes I may have to rip it off and retape really quick on a line change, or change stick.

I do 1 tape job now via Erik Cole, and then re do it for next game. It is rarely actually needed.
I tape traditionally heel to toe and then rub white wax all over it and then use a heat gun to melt the wax into the tape fabric. This does 2 things for me ... waterproofs the tape so there isn't any snow build up and also it makes the tape last a whole game because it bonded better from the heat. Also I do not lose any friction because the wax was melted into the fabric.

If I play shinny hockey for example for about 3 hours I finally get it to rag tag and look bad with strips hanging off but that is after practicing many slapshots and wristers. For our regular team games i can use the same tape job for about 3 games.

Everybody has their own way to tape sticks I guess.

I like my way of heel to toe with a 1 inch wide tape because of the ribbed effect which I have to have because I am a shooter and it gives incredible spin on the puck and great grip when ripping shots.

how does your method relay into putting intense spin on the puck when shooting? My way gives me better velocity and control when aiming the puck with slapshots. Well heck I should just try it out and see for myself with an extra backup stick the next time I go play shinny hockey or something.

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