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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Is there a comparable piece of equipment in all recreational sports that costs as much and breaks as often as a 1 piece hockey stick? I understand the amount of force that are put onto the sticks each game but what about baseball bats or something similar? My main argument is if the sticks are roughly the same weight and the materials have not seen a jump in price over the years why has the price gone from $150 to $220? Is the S17 more durable than the original Synergy? I'm sure it weighs less but how can anybody justify the $70 price increase?
Supply and demand and that crap ... I don't know how old you are but do you remember when they first came out with aluminum shafts after the NHL guys used them for a couple of years first? They were outrageously expensive because that was what the pros used.

The chromed Gretzky shaft was absolutely outrageously priced even more than the regular aluminums.

These one piece sticks are overpriced for sure. No doubt about it I believe you are correct.

I have also noticed that the medium priced ones are heavier and it makes me wonder if they last longer because of it .... any comments from someone here who actually has used medium priced one piece sticks?

I use a 2 piece so I cannot comment .... by the way I have not broken any shafts yet. I have been using a couple for a few months now since december 2008. I was using wood before that or wood blades in aluminum shafts which I finally retired to the closet.

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